8 Ielts exam preparation apps you don't want to miss

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To prepare for the IELTS exam, you, like me, always have plenty of documents and printouts to work with. Every time I want to go somewhere and study, I think it is very embarrassing to think of the heavy documents in my bag. Have you ever thought of "those documents shrunk to a pretty phone"? That's thanks to the introduction of those IELTS exam preparation applications.

1.IELTS Practice & IELTS Test (Band 9)

IELTS Practice & IELTS Test (Band 9) is the best way to prepare for the IELTS exam.

List function:

  •  IELTS Video Channel
  •  Feature Daily update
  •  Over 380 IELTS practice test with 4000 questions.
  •  IELTS Writing Task 1, 2with detail model answer
  •  IELTS Writing sample
  •  IELTS Reading weekly update
  •  IELTS Speaking sample
  •  IELTS exercises

2. IELTS Prep App - takeielts.org



Prepare for your test with help from the British Council, the English language experts.
Prepare with confidence for your upcoming IELTS Academic or General Training test. The IELTS Prep App gives you instant, unlimited access to all the right tools you need to prepare for your test – anytime, anywhere.
Developed by the British Council, the world’s English experts, who have helped more than 100 million people improve their English, the easy-to-use app lets you practice questions similar to the ones you’ll face in the test. When the day arrives, you’ll know exactly what to expect.
 A comprehensive overview of the IELTS tests
 Practice your Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills with our expert tools
 Free practice tests
 Prepare for the types of questions you’ll find in the test

3. IELTS Listening Practice - English Listening

IELTS Listening Practice develops listening comprehension skills, improve your listening skill with
many levels and easy to use. There are 3 levels in the IELTS listening part. Each level has 34
lessons. There is one transcript and one exercise in each lesson.
With over 700 articles about English Listening. Each lesson is based on a real-world conversation.
You can improve speaking skill with it, listening every day and speak repeat.
Moreover, you can boost your English vocabulary by learning new words in various topics such as
airport, bank, colors, shops, etc. These phrases or expressions can be used not only in your daily
conversation but also in academic writing. All phrases and expressions in this app are based on
Britain English.

4. IELTS preparation app. English Vocabulary Builder

Be more prepared and confident for your IELTS test and achieve the IELTS score you deserve!
IELTS is a really challenging test that is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment and requires serious preparation of the candidate. Whichever way of preparing for IELTS you choose, the only thing that remains unchanged is your English vocabulary. It's clear for all that in order to get a high IELTS band the candidate must have a large English vocabulary that can cover a lot of narrowly specialized subjects that are rarely found in everyday communication. Therefore, even for people who speak English well it's needed an additional preparation for IELTS test.
That's why we decided to create the best application for improving English vocabulary when people prepare for IELTS exam!
The learning technique, applied in the application, allows you to quick learn new English words (up to 3000 words per month), which are often use in the IELTS tests. It will give huge support for all of IELTS Listening exercises, IELTS Reading practice, IELTS Writing and IELTS Speaking modules.

5. IELTS Preparation - IELTS FREE - ILFREE

If you want to improve your English or want to improve your high score on Ielts Test; then this app is a must.
- many English topics are covered.
In the IELTS, you have to face with the high number of vocabularies. Therefore, we offer you this totally free application, which helps you to overcome easily the difficulty of remembering numerous vocabularies.
In the app, you get:
The general reading works with more than 4000 words collected from various sources such as books, papers, and testes.
The academic reading with numerous words also are given and explained.
This application very useful for IELTS Band 8.0 and IELTS Band 8+
All words are topics for word choice tests in order to help you remember the word easily and clearly. Especially, we provide the number of heading tests, which is the most difficult part in the IELTS in order to help you to be familiar and overcome the problems in the real test.

6. IELTS Full Preparation - Practice Test 2020

IELTS Full Preparation - Practice Test 2020 provides you with real interactive exercises for all sections to get the best preparation for your IELTS study. Get ready for the new computer-delivered IELTS format with our interactive exercises. IELTS is accepted worlwide for education and immigration purposes (UKVI, US visa, Canada, Australia,...)
Enjoy a new way for listening preparation with comprehensive exercices and clear listening audio materials. Study your IELTS reading with awesome exercices and get ready for your IELTS writing with hundreds of essay transcripts and samples. Our app is suitable for both academic and general test.
Our app also helps you to master your speaking skills with full IELTS speaking topics and corrections. Our machine grading speech analysis will help you reach your desired score. Score a band 7 or 8 with our app!
Get an immediate band score estimation with the new sectional reading mock test!

7. IELTS Writing 2020

IELTS Writing is a difficult part of some students among Reading, Speaking, and Listening. They actually don't know how to brainstorm and use their time and brain in this task. To solve this problem "IELTS Writing Preparation" app comes here. User can easily use this application and increase their band score to their dream level. This application provides free materials and self-study about writing.This application is totally offline.
IELTS Writing Preparation is very simple and easy to understand. IELTS Writing app provides task1 and task 2 for both academic and general writing.
Academic Writing
In this section, you will get some academic writing samples.
General Writing
This section will give you some general writing samples.
Writing Analysis
In this section, you will get writing analysis.
Band Calculator
You can calculate band scores for reading, writing, speaking, listening.
Vocabulary By Topic
Lots of vocabulary for writing test. You can easily improve your writing.
This application helps you to prepare well for the IELTS examination.

8. IELTS Word Power

Working on expanding your vocabulary is a sure-fire way to improve your IELTS Reading, Writing, and Speaking band scores! Let the British Council, the world's English language experts, help you to achieve your IELTS target!
The Word Power app was specially designed as an aid for test-takers to improve the range, as well as the complexity, of their vocabulary. We know that the most effective learning takes place when you are enjoying yourself, so we have developed a series of interesting and exciting vocabulary-building games that will ensure that you learn and have fun at the same time! You can even challenge your friends and see who has the best vocabulary!
Our quiz will direct you to the most suitable level for you and, from there, your journey to the land of synonyms and homophones begins! Download the app today and start expanding your vocabulary!

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