8 TOEFL exam preparation apps that help you save time for exam preparation

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If you are not sure how to prepare for the TOEFL exam preparation time and do not know how to schedule a revision test, I am confident that the following 8 TOEFL exam preparation applications will help you. Discover these apps, how to use them, advantages and disadvantages, and how to combine them together.

1. TOEFL Practice Test

TOEFL is a standardized test to measure English language ability. Most universities and institutes depend on TOEFL scores for providing admissions. TOEFL iBT become definitely an option for students who wish to enroll in English-speaking universities have to take.
TOEFL Practice Test is an application which is developed to prepare for the TOEFL exams from beginner to intermediate, advanced or higher level. We’re focused on increasing English learning efficiency. Therefore, these preparation tests will help you get a high score in TOEFL iBT exam in future.TOEFL Practice Test can also be used as helpful learning preferences for the IELTS test, TOEIC test, GRE test, GMAT test, SAT test as well as TOEFL test.Tag: TOEFL Reading, TOEFL Listening, TOEFL Speaking, TOEFL Writing, TOEFL test, TOEFL full Test, practice TOEFL, improve English skills, TOEFL Trick, TOEFL offline, TOEFL online, TOEFL grammar, grammar test, learn grammar, learning, practice, TOEFL practice, improve TOEFL.

2. TOEFL preparation app. English Vocabulary Builder


Be more prepared and confident for your TOEFL test and achieve the TOEFL score you deserve!
TOEFL is a really challenging internet-based or paper-based standardized test that is managed by the private non-profit organization Educational Testing Service and requires serious preparation of the candidate. Whichever way of preparing for TOEFL you choose, the only thing that remains unchanged is your American English vocabulary. It is clear for all that in order to get a high TOEFL score the candidate must have a large American English vocabulary that can cover a lot of narrowly specialized subjects that are rarely found in everyday communication. Therefore, even for people who speak English well, it is needed additional preparation for the TOEFL test.
That's why we decided to create the best application for improving American English vocabulary when people prepare for the TOEFL test!
The learning technique, applied in the application, allows you to quickly learn new English words (up to 3000 words per month), which are often used in the TOEFL tests. It will give huge support for all of TOEFL Listening exercises, TOEFL Reading practice, TOEFL Writing and TOEFL Speaking modules.

3. TOEFL Preparation

English Study can help you learn English effectively.
Through this app you can:
  •  Look up words with dictionary English English, English Vietnamese, English Indonesia
  •  Test your knowledge about english with many levels: A,B,C, TOEFL, TOEIC
  •  Reading comprehension
  •  Look up irregular verb
  •  Learning grammar
  •  Improve your listening skills with Streamline English
  •  Learning your own words with Word Study
  •  Support quick translate, just copy a word and app will translate it for you

Hope this app will helpful with you.

4. Practice for TOEFL® Test Pro 2020

With Practice for TOEFL® Test Pro, you can study for FREE with our questions, practice tests, flashcards, and score reports with detailed analytics. Best of all, you can access these features anywhere and anytime when you download our app.
This app helps you learn the critical concepts tested on the TOEFL® with detailed flashcards and practice questions. As you practice questions on TOEFL® Test Pro, the app tracks your performance and highlights your test strengths and weaknesses, helping you zero in on what you need to study in order to boost your TOEFL® test score.
TOEFL® is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States and other countries. This app is not endorsed or approved by ETS.

5. TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards

Don't just stare at wordlists—master the 600 most important TOEFL vocabulary words with the highly-rated free flashcards for your Android phone or tablet. Practice every day to improve your English vocab!This app gives you free access to all of Magoosh’s TOEFL flash cards. Sign in with a Magoosh account (or create a new one) to save your progress to the web.
Written by TOEFL experts
All vocabulary words, definitions, and example sentences on the flashcards were selected and written by Magoosh’s expert tutors, led by Chris Lele and Lucas Fink. Lucas has been teaching TOEFL preparation and general English for 8 years. He has written an ebook on TOEFL preparation, has a popular youtube series on English vocabulary for the TOEFL, and has helped thousands of students learn English in preparation for their exams.
Review that really sticks
Learn English the smart way! Academic research has found that students memorize vocabulary words best with spaced repetition, which we built into Magoosh’s flashcard app. Definitions you are learning will reappear frequently (occurring less frequently the better you know them) and definitions you already know won’t be repeated. Our TOEFL flashcards are also culled to only 600 so that you don't waste time learning unimportant vocabulary.

6. TOEFL Prep & Practice from Magoosh

Tens of thousands of TOEFL students have studied with Magoosh's world class video lessons and practice questions. With this app, you can bring all of Magoosh's expert content with you on the go.
* Practice reading and listening exam questions *
  •  Review text and video explanations
  •  20 questions for trial users
  •  500+ questions for premium users

* Watch video lessons *

  •  Track your progress
  •  50 video lessons for trial users
  •  100+ video lessons for premium users

7. 25 Simulator – TOEFL® Test with corrections

TOEFL is a registered trademark of the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States and other countries. This app is not approved or endorsed by ETS.
This application provides you with 12 full tests ITP and 10 Reading part tests for a total of more than 2400 questions so you can conveniently prepare your TOEFL with corrections.
Listening: Part A - Short conversations:
On The Application: You will hear 3 audios of short conversations, each with 10 corresponding questions. You need to select the best response to each question.
On Exam Day: You will hear 3 audios of short conversations, each with 10 corresponding questions. You need to select the best response to each question.

8. TOEFL iBT Preparation by Eslhub

The most challenging in the TOEFL test is that you have to familiar with a wide knowledge of sciences such as biology, archeology, history, art, environment, social and human science. Therefore, it is so difficult to have enough vocabulary for the specific science, especially, you may even confuse with the meaning of the word in the specialized field.
TOEFL iBT Preparation is the best tool for improving your vocabulary overall covered areas of TOEFL Test with clearly and distinctly explained meaning. Moreover, with this application, you can quickly accustom to multiple-choice tests, one of the most types in the TOEFL test.
Features include:
The most commonly tested vocabulary words on the TOEFL exams in six specific sciences including archeology, biology, environment, history and art, geology, and social sciences.

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