8 useful science apps turned into a mobile science laboratory

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For those who are passionate about exploring, with curious interests, scientific applications are extremely valuable and meaningful to them. But as mentioned above, with the huge disparity in the number and interest, it is possible to find a good, useful scientific application with sufficient information. As accurate, full updates are not easy. This article will introduce to you a list of top "best" science applications on the phone.


1. Science News Daily: Science Articles and News App

Why is "DAILY SCIENCE NEWS" the best Science News app?
 It is the fastest science world app. Loads up the news feed as soon as you run the Science app. Browse and read more news in less time.
 Hundreds of latest science news, and science articles added daily. You will never miss anything from the science world.
 Instant News are gathered from the best science news sources.
 Amazing search function to find news on your favourite topic.
 Daily News from various fields of science. Best among the science apps where there is always something interesting to read for everyone.
 More than 10000 science breaking news and articles to browse, search and read. You can scroll news for as long as you smart phone RAM allows you to.

2. General Science : World Encyclopedia

General Science contains world Encyclopedia of General Science. Now you can increase your general knowledge using your smartphone. So people in everywhere in World can easily increase their knowledge.
General Knowledge Science app helps user to sharpening their knowledge and senses, help them to prepare for exams or tests which are based on all branches of Sciences and helps them to increase their knowledge.
General Science Quiz for school, colleges and competitive examinations.
The General science quiz includes the different questions of earth and space, social science, life science, physical science, formal science, mathematics logic, physics, chemistry, biology, mechanics, branches of science, psychology, sociology, astronomy, geoscience etc...

3. Book of Science

This book contains over 700 multiple choice question on the fundamentals of science (based on the curriculums of physics, chemistry and biology)
Once a correct answer has been chosen then an explanation is viewed to aid understanding. Choosing a specific topic will focus learning within that particular area.
The more questions you get correct the more stars are earned.
Question topics include the following subjects:-
Physics: - Force, Magnetic, Energy, Electricity, Waves, Lenses, Medical, Atoms and Graph
Chemistry: - Atomic Structure, Bonding, Quantitive, Chemical Changes, Energy Changes, Rates of Reaction, Organic, Analysis and Earth.
Biology: - Cells, Organisation, Infections, Bioenergetics, Homeostatasis, Inheritance and Ecology

4. Science Journal

Science Journal is the free digital science notebook brought to you by Google.
Whether you're a science educator or a hobbyist doing science at home, you can keep your notes, photos and observations all in one convenient place. Use the sensors in your phone to measure and graph phenomena such as light, sound and motion, or connect to external sensors via Bluetooth to conduct experiments on the world around you.
With the Science Journal app, you can:
  •  Measure light, sound, acceleration, air pressure and more using your phone's built-in sensors.
  •  Take notes and photos to document your science experiments. More note types coming soon!
  •  Connect to external sensors using selected Bluetooth-enabled Arduino and Vernier devices.
  •  Access your experiments across your devices using Google Drive.
  •  Export recorded sensor data as CSV files.
  •  Create automated triggers for recording data and taking notes.
  •  Use sonification to hear the movement of your graphs.

5. Best Free Science Quiz

Must have Free General Science quiz app with IMP Selected Questions. This general science test game is not just quiz, but You can also learn from it. There are 20 Levels (easy to Hard) + 30 Bonus Levels.
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The General science quiz includes the different questions of earth and space, social science, life science, physical science, formal science, mathematics logic, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, sociology, astronomy, geoscience etc...
This science quiz app will help to Increase your GK (General knowledge) of science. It can be also very help full to preparing for competitive exams and civil services exams like UPSC, IAS, CET, IPS AIEEE.
This test is designed in MCQ’s (Multiple choice questions) style.

6. Math & Science Tutor - Algebra, Calculus, Physics

1500+ Math Tutor Video Lessons in Basic Math, Algebra, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Statistics. 500+ hours of step-by-step instruction.
Learn fast and get help in any subject by solving example problems step-by-step. Every lesson teaches the student how to solve problems, gain practice, and perform the calculations to score higher on exams and quizzes. All classes are taught assuming that the student has no knowledge of the subject.
Whether learning basic math, algebra, calculus, or advanced courses such as electrical engineering or mechanical engineering, this method is the fastest way to truly master the material.
Included Courses:
Basic Math (Arithmetic):
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Ratio, Proportion, Percents, Word Problems.

7. Science Dictionary by Farlex

Science Dictionary by Farlex gives you free, instant access to more than 100,000 scientific terms and thousands of images from multiple authoritative science encyclopedias and dictionaries covering all scientific fields.
Search 100,000+ terms from multiple scientific dictionary and encyclopedia sources, all from industry-leading publishers.
 Clear, in-depth science dictionary definitions from across multiple disciplines, including biology, chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, oceanography, environmental science, computer science, and more, plus thousands of images.
 35,000+ audio pronunciations for both American and British speakers in online mode.
 User-friendly, comprehensive, and authoritative: the perfect free scientific dictionary for students, professionals, and anyone looking to learn more about the world of science.

8. Science Questions Answers

A collection of selected science questions for competitive exams and general knowledge. About 1000 selected questions related to scientific theories and daily life collected here. These questions are very useful for comptetive exams as well as improving fundamentals of Science.
Categories are -
Human Body Quiz
Space Quiz
Chemistry Quiz
Electricity Quiz
Water Quiz
Food Quiz
General Science Quiz
Acid base Quiz

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