Best anime music games with unlimited virtual space and colorful multi-dimensional lighting effects

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As you all know, music is an integral part of each of our lives. After stressful working and studying hours, many people come to music as an indispensable spiritual dish. Besides listening to music, playing music-related games is also a favorite choice. When playing music games, in addition to entertainment, players also enjoy good music. And in this article, we will introduce to you the Top 8 best anime music games on PC. Let's find out now.

1. Anime Tiles: Piano Music

Do you love music? Do you love piano? Do you love anime and manga?
If yes, then congratulations! You have found the best anime music game. It has more than 500 anime songs!!!
It is the hottest music game now! It has the hottest anime songs! It is the best piano game also!
Lots of new anime songs added periodcally.
Endless mode. Play endless mode to get 3 crowns!
PVP modes.
Lots of free coins and diamonds. You could use them to unlock new songs!
How to play:
Tap the black tiles or the white tiles.
Tap and hold on the long tiles.
Tap double tiles quickly.
Tap the big tiles until the number on it decreases to zero.
Hope you enjoy Anime Tiles: Piano Music! Don’t forget to update it to get new piano songs.

2.  Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game

New Dimension Rhythm Game
"A harmony of Light awaits you in a lost world of musical Conflict."
Touch, hold and slide to the rhythm through a challenging, unforgettable arcade-style rhythm game experience featuring artists from Japan and across the Entire World.
Experience brand new 3-dimensional 'Arc' gameplay: taking your touch screen to its limits swiping and following to the rhythm.
Lose yourself in songs of Light and Conflict within a forgotten world
Play anywhere and anytime with no limitations. Internet connection not required
All songs playable on phone or tablet!
Both free to play and paid songs available! Freely play many songs any time as well as unlocking Arcaea-exclusive original songs.
Two young girls wander in a broken world filled with remnants of its former self: Arcaea.
Arcaea are melodical shards of the past that call out to the girls, but each chooses to be experienced only by one or the other. Over time, the girls begin to notice inconsistencies in the Arcaea that choose them and develop conflicting views about the world as it once was.

3. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

Popular rhythm game in Japan!
Tap to the rhythm of over 160 songs to choose from.
Play both original and cover songs from popular J-Pop artists and anime songs!
Play your favorite songs on a level of difficulty that suits you!
Play as a staff member of live house "CiRCLE"
Create the best live concert together with the 5 charismatic girl bands in the game! Featuring Poppin’Party, Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia and Hello, Happy World!.
Real-time cooperative gameplay
Enjoy real-time cooperative gameplay with friends and players across the world with up to 5 members!
Enjoy fully voiced stories with high quality animated Live2D band members.
Immerse yourself in each band's exciting journey towards stardom through their individual band stories.

4. TAPSONIC TOP - Music Grand prix

The new beginning of TAPSONIC, over 14 million downloaded music game worldwide!
Support your idol stars to win the TAPSONIC Music Grand Prix for Universe Best Idol!
-「TAP & SLIDE」 representative of TAPSONIC.
- Amazing! Number of touch lines changes dynamically!
- Play famous DJMAX songs and TOP originals, Classics like 'CANON', 'BINGO' for free!
- Cast cute idols, and Support them to become a superstar.
- Compete real-time ranking against other competitors in Grand Prix mode. Challenge the world best rank!
- Enjoy music game play with Wireless headphone!

5. Beat Craft

It is really easy to use.
Search for music video you want to play using the search button.
You can enjoy a rhythm game with that video.
Features of BeatCraft
A music game with which you can now enjoy your favorite movies and music as you please!
BeatCraft the representative of music games that has been played by more than 10 million with which you can now play music game together with the music video!!!
Let's play rhythm games with music video and music stored in your mobile phone by simple operation!
Let's play all the music!!!
music will become the game!!!
Infinite movies that you can play and infinite fun!
Let's play songs that are in your smart phone!
You can play songs which are stored in your smart phone.
Notes are all the same. It's not funny now.
Let's enjoy the same song differently with automatic generation of notes!

6. Piano Tile - The Music Anime

It’s a music game for FREE, contains rich type of songs.
Secret Base - Anohana , all songs of Kiminonawa , Sad theme - Fairy Tail , Orange - Shigatsu Wa Kimi Uso , Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul .....Faded,That's Girl, Way Back Home ,Canon... You can find more songs here.
You can buy , and chose your theme in Shop . A lot of popular anime theme like Kimi no Na Wa , Tokyo Ghoul , Fairy Tail , Anohana ...
Also, your song, you choose. We have Weekly New Songs Event! Recommend your favorite song and you may see it here next week!
Let's Go !!!

7. Anime Music Radio - J-pop, J-rock, Soundtracks

Do you like music from Anime?
All your favourite Japanese music online in this app!
Main features:
✔️Almost 100 radio stations(Anime OSTs, J-POP, J-ROCK and others + new stations every update 
✔️Licensed BASS© audio library with awesome 32-bit sound quality! 
✔️Powerful 10 band equalizer with additional sound settings 
✔️Net buffer settings for stable playback even without perfect internet connection 
✔️Full-screen dock mode - useful for car listening 
✔️Tracks history with instant search on Internet 
✔️Useful Widget
✔️Sleep Timer 
✔️Free without limits

8. Anime Dream Piano Tiles Mix

Begin your magic tiles piano adventure today,
Tap on the black piano tiles continuously to play the music.
Be careful for the white tiles and never miss any black piano tiles to complete every song!
Anime Dream Piano Tiles Mix have simple and beautiful user interface, made for all ages even children can play Anime OST Piano Tiles.
Take on music piano games to relax your soul with beautiful piano sounds & play your favorite Anime Dream Piano Tiles Mix songs!
Improving your reaction speed and musical skill! Be the finest music piano player!
Anime Dream Piano Tiles list feature :
Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art, Inuyasha, Conan, Hearts, Kingdom and many more.
Download Anime Dream Piano Tiles Mix now and play wherever youre are.
Enjoy playing Anime Dream Piano Tiles Mix. Tap the black tiles and avoid white tiles, and that's it!
Anime Dream Piano Tiles. It's just fun music piano!

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