Boost your winter mood with 8 best skiing games

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Do you like to ski but do not have the opportunity to join in this interesting game? Playing free skiing games will give you many interesting skiing experiences. Here are the most popular ski games.

1. Grand Mountain Adventure: Snowboard Premiere

Grand Mountain Adventure is an open-world skiing & snowboarding adventure where you get to explore entire ski resorts. Land the biggest cliff drops in the backcountry, freeride down a steep chute, clip the gates in a slalom track, or just cruise around the mountains - the choice is yours in this powder adventure!
*Note! This is a demo version with the first mountain free. Purchase the full game to unlock all mountains and get twin-tip skis and board.*
Huge mountains to explore with runs in several directions, backcountry areas, deep forests, and more than a hundred challenges to discover
Varied gameplay including Boardercross, Slalom, Super G, Slopestyle, Big Air and Best drop line to mention a few
Absolute freedom to ski wherever you want, ride any lift and complete challenges in any order you want.

2. Ski Safari 2

* Will you play as the intrepid Sven or his lovely sister Evana? Will you use skis or a snowboard? Will you ride a snowmobile, a motorbike, or something a little more crazy?
* Perform tricks and hit the mountain in style! Pull off 360 spins, handstands, snowboard nose-grabs, and strike daring poses - each animal has their own stylish moves!
* Play head-to-head multiplayer with your friends and family! Who will be king of the mountain? Pick up powerups to hurl snowballs, flip your friends' screens upside-down, or pull a penguin out of your pocket for that quick escape!
* Collect coins to purchase new gear, crazy costumes and powerful vehicles in the shop! Isn't it time you thought about that gold sled you always wanted?
* Take photos of your epic moments and share them with the world! Set up an amazing photo opportunity and spin the camera around for that perfect shot - all in glorious 3D!

3. Ski Legends

Ski Legends is a free to play sport simulation game that allows the player to break into the snowy world of alpine skiing. Visit numerous winter resorts ranging from easy to very challenging and learn how to quickly and efficiently navigate around all the obstacles that lie in your path. Rocks? Deep snow? Ice? Nothing will slow you down! Collect an assortment of exceptional skiers, compete in slalom, giant slalom, super-G and downhill against your fellow players and become a legend!
The features of the game include:
  •  Experience the adrenaline of high speed downhills and technical slaloms.
  •  Become the number one pro skier in the solo career or multiplayer.
  •  Visit numerous skiing slopes with various obstacles.
  •  Compete against your friends.
  •  Improve your gear and collect new characters.

Note: You can install the game on your android device for free. The game contains in-app purchases and requires Internet connection.
Not even in Sky Legends will you find such heavenly snow as in Ski Legends.

4. Skiing Yeti Mountain

Carve your way through hundreds of levels as you search for the elusive Yeti in Skiing Yeti Mountain. Weave through trees, skid over ice, jump off cliffs and get to know a cast of bizarre locals in this extreme skiing adventure.
All handcrafted for your phone to create the ultimate skiing experience.
  •  Touch controls specifically designed for intuitive & precise skiing
  •  Hundreds of bite sized slalom tracks to complete
  •  A mountain of challenge tracks to master
  •  A cast of bizzare characters to meet
  •  A Yeti to find?

5. Skiing Fred

Enter the perfect chaos of Skiing Fred!
The more dangerously you slide, the bigger the reward! Slide turbo-speed, dodge and drift through Fred's trap-ridden world as he escapes Grimmy Reaper. A sequel to Falling Fred and Running Fred, Skiing Fred is an over-the-top action-sports game featuring a unique free-movement system that allows you to take control of the action and perform true skill-based special moves.
Get daring! Get creative! Get an edge over your friends or get them to help you beat massive Challenges destroying any enemies on your way. You'll be facing of extreme storms, apocalyptic meteor showers and blinding blizzards.
Whether looking to beat a friend's record, complete missions, unlock achievements o get that particular item set collection, Skiing Fred packs a full load of fun for everyone!

6. Ski Jump Mania 3

Do you like winter sports and ski jumping in particular? Then Ski Jump Mania 3 is the game for you. The improved version of its successful predecessors will certainly pull you in. Experience the life of a professional ski jumper and build up a successful career. So what are you still waiting for? Download the game and start winning in the World Cup!
Advance through levels, improve your attributes, buy quality equipment and set new hill records! Can you get the timing of the take-off right, stay in the perfect flight position and then land with a beautiful telemark? Prove it!
The features of the game include:
  • Competitions against players from all over the world
  • Control over the jumper during take-off, flight and landing
  • Jumping on normal, large and flying hills in famous resorts
  • Career mode with a story
  • Diverse minigames that will test your knowledge and skills
  • RPG elements
  • Clubs and club competitions against real players
  • World Cup

7. Red Bull Free Skiing

Get some sweet air, wicked speed and epic drops!
Welcome to Free Skiing Heroes, your ticket to world ski domination - in the powder, between the gates, and in the air!
Download now and assemble your team of rippers, huckers and powder hounds in this exhilarating, addictive and visually stunning free-to-play game.
Collect powder, race and freestyle skier cards for your squad. Start with single player mode, beat your best scores and times, then take your team to competitive PvP skiing events.
Win runs to earn rewards, then cash in your rewards to collect the sickest (or premium) snow gear for your skiers. Better gear means better stats and skills, and the better your chances of finishing on the podium to earn even more awesome rewards!

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