Top 7 most popular apps for getting gold price you cannot miss

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The following apps will help you get the newest and hottest updates about the gold price.

1. India Daily Gold Silver Price

Are you planning to buy or sell gold, do you wonder what is the gold price today?

How price is fluctuating, Is it right time to buy gold today?

If you encounter these questions, this is the best app to help you make correct decisions.

This Android application helps you track gold live prices in major Indian cities.

✓ Gold live price (live market prices up-to-the second).

✓ Track MCX bullion live future prices.

✓ Latest gold or silver news.

✓ Gold and silver forecast.

✓ Gold rate in following cities.

2. Gold Live!+ (Legacy)

The original legacy app for live spot prices for gold, silver and other precious metals; charts and data.

**Please note that in the near future, we will no longer support or release updates for this app. To enjoy all the latest features, we strongly recommend to install the new and improved GoldLive!**

3. Gold Silver Price & News

HERE's how the app could help YOU to enhance your precious metal investing and trading experience:

▪ An Overview page that shows the spot prices of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium all in one page!

▪ Quickly check the latest spot prices when trading physical gold coins or silver bars at local pawn shops or one-on-one negotiation.

▪ Historical charts ranging from 24-hour period to 10-year period (more on this feature later) enables you to have insights into short, medium and long term price trends for each of the precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium).

4. Gold Silver Price Now

Gold Silver Price Now is a free Android app for gold and silver investors.

This Android app gives you LIVE gold price and silver price by the second with large beautiful charts and auto-updates. The app has been designed from the ground up to be minimalistic and ultra-fast; so you, the sophisticated gold and silver investors can quickly glance at the most updated gold and silver price.

5. Gold & Silver Spot Price

JM Bullion, the premier online bullion dealer in America, brings an exceptional precious metals app to the Android. Watch the real-time spot price movements of silver, gold, platinum, and palladium to stay on top of the market. Use our interactive charts to study past trends in those precious metals’ prices. Create customizable text and email alerts for when the silver price or gold price reaches set values you specify to know when the moment is right for you to invest. Check out which items JM Bullion has on special at any given time to be certain you are spending your money sensibly. Visit the app’s store to quickly gain access to all our silver, gold, platinum, copper, and palladium products on the JM Bullion mobile site.

6. Gold and Silver Prices

This is silver and gold price tracker. The app is designed to keep You up to date with prices on precious metals. Also it provides custom calculation to get the price of your gold and silver items.

Gold tracker functionality. Get all live rates on one screen. Value of each metal may be seen depending on its purity. You can view the historical dynamics in form of interactive chart, zoom it to get daily values. View all gold price data in your national currency.

7. Gold Live Price India

Gold live price is an Android application which shows the real time gold and silver price in India.Gold Price is in rupees per gm for 24 karat gold and 22 Carat .In Gold Live Price India you can also calculate the gold and silver amount in kg /gm.

Features includes:

✓You will get Up to date price of Gold and Silver.

✓You can calculate the real time pricing and values of Gold and Silver

✓Easy and fast updation of database.

✓Application can be moved to SD card.

✓You will get the current price of gold (22ct &24ct).


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